PEAR QA tools

This page is here for historically purposes only. Data do not get updated anymore! Try Daniel's page.

This page contains the output of some PEAR QA tools I have written, namely QA_Peardoc_Coverage and QA_Pear_PackageStatus. They are regenerated at 5 o'clock every night (CET).

coverage/ directory has statistics which packages in PEAR cvs do have documentation in the manual. In packagestatus/, stats about checks of the package.xml of each package in cvs are contained.

unittests-cvs/ contains daily updated code coverage and unit test reports run on a current checkout of PEAR's CVS module. The unit tests are directly run on the CVS code and not installed on this machine. AllTests.php in the cvs root directory is executed. Read this file to get information about how to make your tests ready for the pear-wide test suite. Also see the result overview.

This is not the german mirror for that is available at

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